Friday, January 11, 2013

Reached by Allie Condie

Title: Reached
Author: Allie Condie
After leaving Society and desperately searching for the Rising—and each other—Cassia and Ky have found what they were looking for, but at the cost of losing each other yet again: Cassia has been assigned to work for the Rising from within Society, while Ky has been stationed outside its borders. But nothing is as predicted, and all too soon the veil lifts and things shift once again.

In this gripping conclusion to the #1 New York Times-bestselling Matched trilogy, Cassia will reconcile the difficulties of challenging a life too confining, seeking a freedom she never dreamed possible, and honoring a love she cannot live without.

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 Kala's Review:

I got Reached from the library and it sat here. And sat here. And become overdue by a week. And finally I opened it up and started reading and it was pretty boring.

It starts off with all of the main characters split up, working on their own parts of the upcoming "rising." I never found Cassia to be particularly intriguing, but she was downright yawn inducing here. The entire concept of trading poems like they are some kind of rich commodity is downright ridiculous. The entire time we're in Cassia's head, she's waxing poetic about Ky and trading poems (!!!).

Ky and Xander both are mooning over Cassia, at least until Xander runs in to another female. The love triangle was not much of a triangle. There was never an option of Ky and Cassia not ending up together, it was just a matter of what would Condie do with poor Xander. Would she kill him off? Would she make him end up heartbroken and alone? Or would she do the ultimate love triangle cop-out and find him his own love interest?

I'll give you three guesses and I bet it will only take one!

As far as the "Rising" itself... talk about an uninteresting takeover. We spend pages and pages going OMG THE PILOT! He's COMING! THE RISING IS STARTING! Then boom, flip a page and the Rising has already taken over. There's no war. It's just done. And I sat here going 'what the ****?'

I'll be completely honest, after that point, I ended up skipping huge chunks of the book and I missed absolutely nothing important. If I can skip 50-80 pages in one huge chunk and I'm not completely lost when I start again, something is wrong with your novel!

This series was never that amazing to begin with, but this conclusion is far from epic. I didn't like it at all and I highly doubt I'll read anything further from this author.
1 out of 5 stars.

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  1. HAHA I read the Blurb at a book shop once and put it down immediately!!