Thursday, January 17, 2013

Love's Rhythm by Lexxie Couper

Title: Love's Rhythm
Author: Lexxie Couper
"His music moves the world. Can his love move her heart? "

Nick Blackthorne knows all about words of love. They re the reason he s the world s biggest rock star. The irony? He turned his back on love a long time ago, lured away by the trappings of fame.

An invitation to a friend s wedding is a stark reminder of how meaningless his life has become. When he enters that church, there s only one woman he wants on his arm the one he walked out on a lifetime ago. But first he has to find her, even if all she accepts from him is an apology.

Kindergarten teacher Lauren Robbins once had what every woman on the planet desires. Nick. Their passion was explosive, their romance the stuff of songs and it took fifteen years to get over him. Then out of the blue Nick turns up at her door, and all those years denying her ache for him are shattered with a single, smoldering kiss.

But molten passion can t hide the secret she s kept for all these years. Because it s not just "her" heart on the line anymore and not just her life that ll be rocked by the revelation.

Warning: Remember your first crush on a rock star? Now add smoldering sex, a raw and undeniable passion, soul-shattering orgasms. And secrets.

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 Kala's Review:

I REALLY wanted to like this book. REALLY bad! I love the rock star bad boy romance/erotica books, but this one just fell short for me.  The cover is absolutely stunning though - LOVE IT!

I liked the main characters, but everything seemed so rushed. The first time Nick and Lauren meet again he starts making out with her. He hasn't seen her in 15 years, he dumped her to become famous and have groupies, and she doesn't really fight it at all. The book is 90% sex, 10% plot and the plot is weak. I guess I just prefer my erotica to be slightly more deep.

If the sex was actually sexy, I could deal with the plot being a little less than stellar... but the sex was kind of weird. Couper uses a lot of weird terms during sex scenes that are jarring and completely ruin it for me. Anytime there is gushing, it kind of destroys the scene.

I probably would have liked this better with toned down and more well written sex scenes, and another 100 pages of character development and plot. For a a short novella, it wasn't terrible... I just think this author's style is not my thing.
2 out of 5 stars.

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